Are you looking for the best places to kayak fish in Florida?

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In Florida you can always have fun by launching your kayak along the beach. However, if you are looking for kayak fishing, then my friend Florida is gem of a state. South Florida hosts Extreme Kayak Fishing offshore tournaments, due to which it has become a premier kayak fishing destination. Florida provides plenty of inshore fishing opportunities, from largemouth bass to seatrout and Snook, you can find every kind of fish here. In this article, we are going to tell you some of the best places to kayak fish in Florida.

Pompano Beach

Pompano Beach photo
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Located just south of Hillsboro inlet, Pompano Beach is a heaven for kayak fishing, having plenty of artificial reefs just off the coast. Spring season is the best for tuna fishing, whereas you can find Snapper, kingfish, sailfish, tuna and wahoo in abundance during summer. Being neighbor of Hillsboro, where largest offshore kayak fishing tournament takes place, Pompano Beach is a definitely one of the best places to kayak fish in Florida.

Palm Beach

Singer Island that is right next to the Palm Beach Inlet, has great beaches and resorts along with many kayak fishing activities as well. Snorkeling Peanut Island is also a great spot to find the best fish in the area. Multiple species of reef fish can be found here. Palm Beach is a great place to target the breeder Snook during the Summers. You can also catch mutton snapper and yellow tail snapper in abundance which is why Palm Beach isin our list of the best places to kayak fish in Florida.

Oleta River State Park

Oleta River State Park photo
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Located on Biscayne Bay, the Oleta River State Park is spread on an area of 1,043-acre. With calm and beautiful waters, this park is one of the best places to kayak fish in Florida. The park is well known for its good size bass catches. You can also find yellow tail snapper along with breeder Snook. On a fine day, this state Park can be the best place to spend your holiday.

John’s River

Surrounded by appealing scenery and wildlife-viewing opportunities, Jhon’s River features some of the clearest water you’ll ever paddle. The river is a great spot for fulfilling you fishing desires. The water is clear, which even lets you see what is down in there. Largemouth bass and snappers are of the most common catches here.

Delray Beach

Delray Beach photo
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Delray Beach is located just south of the Boynton Beach Inlet. This is a great place to catch big mahi, only if the weather cooperates. In summers, chances of catching Snook and big Tarpon are 10/10. This beach is famous for its good number of catches in a day. Fall is a great time to head inland for Peacock Bass. This makes Delray Beach one of the best places to kayak fish in Florida

Turner River

Located in the Big Cypress National Preserve, Turner River runs 8.5 miles and flows into Chokoloskee Island. Surrounded by beautiful scenery and wildlife, Turner River has turned into a popular place for kayak fishing in Florida. Spring season is best for targeting seatrouts as it is their breeding time of the year. Summer on the other hand is the breeding season of Snooks, which makes Turner River an ideal place for Snook quest. If you are looking for a great place to fish for yourself then Turner River is definitely one of the best places to kayak fish in Florida.

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