Are you looking for the best places to kayak fish in San Diego?

San Diego is a haven for outdoor activities; from sky-diving to hiking, San Diego offers limitless opportunities for outdoor loving people. It has a very rich fishing tradition with a system of freshwater lakes, perfect for kayakers. It’s hot weather and gorgeous landscapes make kayak fishing a really fun way to spend a day here. Here are the best places to kayak fish in San Diego, California.

Lower Otay Reservoir

 Otay Reservoir photo
Photo by mr.skeleton

Lower Otay Reservoir lies in the east of booming Chula Vista subdivision. It is the home of US Olympic Training center for rowing sports. The lake is famous for its trophy sized catches and you can find some hardcore bass fishermen kayaking in this large reservoir’s waters. Lower Otay Reservoir is one the best places to kayak fish in San Diego California as you can find it rich in quality bass and catfish.

Dixon Lake

Located 40 miles north of San Diego, in the city of Escondido, Dixon lake is best known as home of literally the biggest largemouth bass in the world. This lake got its fame back in 2000 when it grabbed headlines worldwide for a series of biggest bass catches in the world. If you are looking for kayak fishing then Dixon Lake is one of the best places to kayak fish in San Diego.

Lake Cuyamaca

Lake Cuyamaca photo
Photo by Ken Lund

Located at an hour’s drive from San Diego, Lake Cuyamaca is 110-acre scenic place that is a proof of “good things come in small packages”. This lake sits at an elevation of 4600 feet in an Oak and Pine forest, thus making it a perfect spot for trout fishing in the county. The lake is also open for kayaking throughout the year. Lake Cuyamaca can provide some good quality trout, sturgeon, smallmouth bass, crappie and bluegill. This earns it a spot in our list of the best places to kayak fish in San Diego.

Lake Jennings

An East County recreational gem, Lake Jennings never disappoints the visitors. Located between El Cajon and Lakeside, it is an 85-acre lake that is famous for its giant-sized catfish. The lake is stocked with trout every week from October through April. In the summers it is stocked with catfish. Lake Jennings is home to some of the biggest catfish in the world. The lake stays open in late hours during Summers. It is definitely one of the best places to kayak fish in San Diego.

Lake Morena

Lake Morena photo
Photo by lhogue46

Located just off highway 8 in Campo California, Lake Morena is considered the most remote fishing lake of San Diego. It is located around 3,000 feet above sea level, and lies within 3250 acres of oak, wood and grassland. The lake offers a heavenly atmosphere for fishing, kayaking, hiking, picnicking and camping. You can do some excellent trout fishing in the winters making it one of the best places to kayak fish in San Diego.

Lake Murray

Lake Murray photo
Photo by foltzwerk

Lake Murray is genuinely a paradise for all types of boaters. It is one of the most desirable recreational suburban lake in San Diego. This lake offers countless opportunities for water sports and attacks thousands of sports enthusiast and leisure travelers. Lake is stocked with trout, bass, catfish and bluegill making it an ideal place to kayak fish in San Diego.

San Vicente Reservoir

Being among the largest lakes in the country, with 1100 acres of area, San Vicente Reservoir is a home to some of the biggest catfish in the states. It got a lot of attention when a 101-pound blue catfish was caught here in 2000. It is a freshwater lake which provides best opportunity for kayak fishing in San Diego.


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