About us


Our aim here at reviewednow is to not only provide product reviews but to offer extensive and detailed buying guides.

Inspired by the desire to see people make an educated choice when purchasing something rather than relying on a blatantly fake or baised review. It could even be said that we spend very little time actually looking at products. We prefer to think we are steering you in the right direction and by reading through our buyers guides you will then be able to make a more informed and responsible decision. Plus you will have learnt many interesting fact along the way.

Most review articles on other sites devote most of their word count to pretty much just rewriting a product review from the sales page it is trying to refer you to. And although we make no bones about the fact that we make commisions from sites such as Amazon, we want to actually give you the reader a valuable resource, something you can even refer back to after you have bought the item if you need more information.

If you have input on how we can better this site, or any other way we can add more value to the way we write our articles, feel free to contact us.