Here we look at our top 3 picks for best blender for fruit and vegetable smoothies.

Our 2 picks cator for those looking for the top rated and highest priced blenders on the market, but also for those who want a great blender but don’t want to spent a lot of money.

We also take a more in depth look at the green smoothie market and answer just a few of the questions that are consistently asked about them.


Our premium 2 picks for the best Green smoothie blender 2018

Aicok Smoothie Blender


  • Timed pulsing and blending programs to help perfect youe smoothies
  • 1200W motor (very powerful)
  • comes with a 2 year warranty
  • Also comes with 2 tritan travel cups for when you are on the move
  • Easy to clean


NutriBullet 12-Piece High-Speed Blender/Mixer System


  • Powerful motor the effortlessly blends fruit and vegetables into green smoothies
  • Includes power base, flat blade and 1 emulsifying blade, 2 short cups, 1 tall cup, 1, pocket nutritionist and manual with recipes 2 re-sealable lids.
  • includes 1 year warranty


Best inexpensive blender for green smoothies


Comfee 250W Personal Blender


  • 250W Power motor
  • 1 year warranty
  • Detachable SUS301 Blade
  • Perfect for you at home or in travel


How a green smoothie maker works

A smoothie making blender works in a very similar way to regular blender.

You have the jar for your ingredients with a stainless steel blade at the bottom. This is the spun at high speed by a powerful motor.

This is how you get the smooth textures requires for a smoothie. The blender has the ability to take large chunks of fruit and vegetable and break them down first into smaller chunks, then at a more molecular level. Thus infusing all the ingredients together into a fine blend or smooth liquid.

The reason why you get such a smooth liquified texture is due to the way the smoothie maker moves around the contents as it blends.

As the blade spins it creates a vortex forcing down contents at the top of the jar to the bottom. As there is little space under the blade at the bottom, as soon as the something is blended it is forced from under the blade and pushed up the sides of the jar and back to the top.

This process means that everything is moved around equally, thus providing an evenly mixed smoothie.

Of course the benefits of a smoothie maker over sat a regular blender is this process happens a lot quicker, as a smoothie maker is typical much smaller than a regular blender.

This moves us along nicely to our next section.



Why choose a smoothie maker over a food processor


Food processors are capable of making a smoothie, but they often don’t cut the vegetable and fruits found in a green smoothie into the fine liquid that is required. This is due to the bigger jar that come with a food processor.

There are quite a few benefits smoothies makers have over food processors if you are using the blender just for making smoothies.

  • Much Cheaper than a regular blender.
  • Smaller and easier to clean
  • Better for blending ice if you are adding that to a smoothie
  • prupose built for smoothie making in mind
  • Easier to store or take with you on your travels.


What is a green smoothie

Loosely put, a green smoothie is a concoction of blended vegetables and fruits. They can be very nutritious and tasty if made properly.

The TASTY part should be an essential consideration. It’s easy to think, hell lets just chuck in everything that’s healthy and force ourselves to drink it down.

This is a terrible approach to making green smoothies. An approach that can easily put off anyone new to the idea of adding them to their daily diet.

A green smoothie made with one of our recommended blenders should be something that you look forward to enjoying. Not something that you dread.



Will green smoothies give me energy

Without a doubt green smoothies can provide you with a great source of energy depending on what you add to your best green smoothie blender.

It is a far better source of energy than say, drinking a coffee or having a sugary snack, instead add some pineapple or grapefruit to your green smoothie. Also Avocado can be a great source of energy that can keep you perky all day whilst giving you all the other health related benefits.



Are smoothies good for your skin?

It’s easy to get carried away, and start claiming green smoothies can cure anything and everything. This is of course not true and quite an unethical thing to proclaim.

However it is common sense that green smoothies can do a lot of good in boosting your general health and provide you with numerous sources of vitamins and minerals that your body needs to produce healthy skin.

So the general answer is yes it can be beneficial to your skin as part of a balanced diet, which includes exercise, but it is not an all out cure for bad skin and anybody who tells you they are is misinformed.


Benefits of green smoothies for weight loss

Again it should be pointed out that green smoothies are not the magic bullet that will see you get thin overnight.

However blended green smoothies are a great way for overweight people who are dedicated to losing weight to begin their journey towards better health.

As Green smoothies can provide such a huge range of benefits they are perfect for people looking to lose weight to add to their diet.

They can also be quite filling if made with the right ingredients, so the temptation to go off diet is lessened.



How long can you keep a green smoothie in the refrigerator?

No more than 48 hours according to most sources.


Are green smoothies really good for you? the evidence

Yes they are is the short answer, but wait it’s not that simple and there are a lot of caveats to that simple answer.

The first being that it all depends on what you put in your smoothies.

Smoothies should not be used as a meal substitute unless adequate nutrition, such as proteins and carb are added.

Light smoothies such as blended banana with a few vegetables chucked in does not constitute enough nutrition for a meal in itself.

It is also very important to note that you should keep whole fruit and vegetables in your diet. This is because eating and chewing the fibers and pulps in fruits and vegetables is very important to the digestion of foods into the bloodstream.

In conclusion, Green smoothies are a great way to get fruit and vegetable into our diets more than than they might otherwise be.



Go Green and make you own green smoothies

Smoothies are seriously popular we know this right?

Grocery stores are full them, all trying to outdo each other in the amount of tasty goodness they can fit into one small expensive plastic bottle.

All that plastic!!

Surely there is a better way than to keep polluting the planet with endless plastic bottles which ones contained a meager smoothie portion.

We can save money and help break our addiction by simply making them ourselves. We just need a smoothie blender and a good recipe or two.

This way we can control what goes into the green smoothies we make, tweaking things to perfection, oh and not polluting the planet at the same time.

We can source the ingredients locally again helping the environment and cutting down our carbon footprints.

Think of the energy expended in shipping and flying not only the bottles but also the ingredients that go into commercial green smoothies made for you.


You dont have to be a hipster to enjoy a green smoothie

We all know hipsters love their smoothies, but so do a whole range of people.

As interest grows in the benefits and convenience of making your own green smoothies you to can join in, Just grab yourself a great blender for making green smoothies and get creating.


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