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betta fish
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Betta fish, also known as “Siamese fighting fish” are a unique fish species which demand good care and diet. They are a popular aquarium fish because of they are visually amazing and relatively easy to care for. One of the most important things to get right is making sure Betta fish are given the right foods. So If you have just bought a Betta fish for your aquarium then finding out the best food for betta fish should be a priority.

The diet of a Betta fish is quite different from other freshwater fish like guppies or platies. In this article we are going to help you in choosing the best foods for Betta fish which will help with their proper growth and health maintanance.

Hikari Betta Bio-Gold Baby Pellets

This is one of the top-rated brands for betta fish food on Amazon. Made from high protein fish food to meet the nutritional requirements of your Betta fish. To reduce the signs of aging and spirulina, these pallets use grape seed extract which will also help in enhancing your fish’s color. Hikari pallets are made by mimicking the wild betta diet. The essential vitamins and high proteins will help to increase the life span of your betta fish.

Tetra 77019 Betta Pellets (1.02-Ounce, 66-ml )

These pellets are the ultimate staple food for betta fish. Made by using special combination of vitamins which help to improve the immunity of the fish. They also contain omega-3 fatty acids and high protein content to improve growth and energy production. It is an effective meal for betta fish that contain high protein content and essential nutrients which help to ensure the longevity.

Nutrafin Max Betta Granules, 1.06-Ounce

With no artificial color and advanced digestive support, Nutrafin granules are one of the best foods for Betta fish. They include fish meal, fish protein concentrate, krill, brine shrimp meal, earthworm meal, and blood worm meal. They also have high contents of animal protein along with essential nutrients like calcium, Vitamin A and Vitamin C.

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Aqueon Betta Pellets Betta Food

Made from all-natural ingredients. The main source of its protein content is shrimp. It also contains some other minerals and vitamins that ensure proper growth and a healthy immune system. It may not some of the ingredients contained by Hikari and Nutrafin but it has all-natural ingredients and high protein content which are excellent for overall health of your betta fish. This is why these pallets are among one of the best foods for Betta fish.

API Betta Food Fish Food Pellet .78-Ounce Container

These pallets are specially formulated to promote healthy growth and development. High levels of ammonia are toxic to fish and causes gill damage, stress, illness and death These pallets do not cloud the water and produce 35 % less ammonia in the aquarium. It has nutritionally-enhanced protein for maximum digestion. The more nutrients are digested, the less waste and ammonia is released by fish, leaving cleaner and clearer water. This makes it one of the best foods for Betta fish.

Omega One Betta Buffet Flakes

Made with real seafood, Omega Betta Buffet Flakes provide your Betta with a variety of nutritional ingredients which ensure the best health for your Betta fish. Made with fresh Alaskan seafood for unmatched nutrition. High quality ingredients produce less waste and help in cleaner and clearer water. All this makes Omega One Betta Buffet Flakes one of the best foods for Betta fish.

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