Ever wondered what the health benefits of surfing are?

health benefits of surfing

Surfing is a fun and recreational activity which comes with a bundle of health benefits as well. Surfing engages both your body and mind. As soon as you hit the water and the first wave, it seems like every stress in your life just washesd away. It is a complete workout that includes almost everything needed for better health and fitness. In this article we are going to look at some of the health benefits of surfing.

Complete Body Workout

Surfing really is a good way to keep yourself fit as it is a complete sport. But the best part about surfing as an exercise is that it’s so enjoyable that you lose track of time. You can surf for hours without losing interest, which can’t really be said about a lot of other workouts. When you are surfing you move all your body parts constantly. This results in a strong body and especially a strong core.

Mental Health

Engaging in any kind of exercise especially something as exhilerating as surfing helps to counter balance the negative effects of stress and improve your mood. Surfing heals. It has been proved scientifically that it can help to reduce negative thoughts and depressive symptoms. This is one of the most important health benefits of surfing.

Better Cardiovascular Endurance.

When you surf, almost all of your body is used, especially your upper body and leg muscles to direct the board. Surfing provides acute upper body and core workouts which increase your breathing and heart rate. As a result, you will end up with a healthier heart, lungs and circulatory system.

Vitamin D

One of the health benefits of surfing is that you get a lot of vitamin D. The Vitamin D you receive from the sun is very beneficial for your bones. Too little vitamin D results in weak bones. Vitamin D is also necessary for the proper functioning of other body parts.

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Better Immune System

Having chronic and constant stress is the cause of many adverse health problems. However short bursts of stress are actually good for your health as long as it has an outlet. Research has shown that the stress you receive while surfing can actually strengthen your immune system. A better immune system means better recovery time. It also helps your body to protect itself from different ailments.

Improves Balance and Flexibility

Surfing not only helps in strengthening your muscles but also improves your balance and make you more flexible. Many people practice yoga on their surf boards to improve balance and flexibility both. Being more flexible and having a better balance not only helps you do better when surfing but also enables you to perform well in everyday activities.

Weight loss

Losing weight is never too easy. Surfing is a very effective workout that helps you to burn calories faster than most other mainstream workouts. The reason is because all of your body parts are engaged and active during surfing, especially your upper body and legs. If you push a little harder, you might get extraordinary results in very less time.


As you can see there are many health benefits of surfing regularly.

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