What are Magna Tiles and why they are great for toddlers

Magna tiles are magnetic shapes which can be used to create all manner of structures.They come in different colours, although there are also some clear sets.

They are absolutely ideal for getting your child creative and engaged and most importantly learning at the same time.

They have taken the world by storm over the last few years as both parents and teachers alike have realized their huge potential in helping with the young development minds.

Whether you are looking for Magna tiles for toddlers or for children of any age, we delve into why we think they are a solid investment for any parent looking to keep their child curious and creative within the world around them.

-Magna tiles are just great!

They provide a whole plethora of fun ways for your child to spend time and will assist in a young childs ability to learn about shapes and to creatively build them.
Although Magna tiles are a great way for a child to occupy and bring value to their playing time, they are also amazing for so many more reasons.

Lets look at some of of Magna tile sets you can buy and what they have to offer:


Magna-Tiles Clear Colors 100 Piece Set

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Offering , 11 Right Triangles ,20 Equilateral Triangles, 15 Isosceles Triangles, 50 small Squares, and ,4 large Squares

This a great set for enhanced play wether it be in the classroom or at home.

Children can literally spend hours being creative and learning about geometry and maths and how to build shapes.


Magna-Tiles 12148 Clear Colors 48 pc DX set Toy

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Although this has less pieces than the 100 piece set, this item includes car, a door, door frames, arch, hole-punched triangles.

This adds an extra layer of creativity to playtime.


Magna-Tiles Clear Colors 32 Piece Set

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This is a great starter kit for any child.

If you are not ready for the bigger sets and want to test the water to see if your child will engage with it then this is the perfect option.


Magna-Tiles® ICE, 32 Piece Set

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Simular to the coloured pack this is either a great stand alone set or great for expanding on another one.

Perfect for cildren to build ice related scultures.

Magna tiles for what age?


Ideally Magna tiles are perfect for toddlers of the age of 3 and above, although as we all know children progress at different rates.

As a rule of thumb, 3 is a good age to consider adding Magna tiles to a toyset.



Magna tiles can be used for social skills, lets look at why:



Problem solving with the use of social interaction, as a we all find out as we grow up, is essential.

From the workplace to relationships to just about anything, we must learn to navigate through situations that require us to get along.

In a society where children are increasing reaching for a touchscree

n device, the importance of social interaction has been somewhat forgetten.

Yet it is an essential skill a child must learn, to be able to relate to the world as they grow up.

Whereas smart devices can be great for a lot of things, it is clear that it can also make a child somewhat isolated in their experience.

Magna tiles provide a way for children to interact with one another, as they can work together with other children in building shapes, either in groups or as part of a class.

This is the reason Magna tiles have found their way into classrooms accross the country

-Check out toys that promote social development


They are a truly interactive tool!


Heres a link to a study that looked at toys which aided most in intellectual, creative, and social interactions.

Magna tiles were a clear favourite. http://www.magnatiles.fr/2013/12/2013-timpani-toy-study/

(At the bottom of the this article we also look at some of the awards Magna tiles have won)



Magna tiles help problem solving



Young children have curious minds we all know that. That curiousity extends to problem solving, an important part making of sense of the whats around you.

As grown ups, think how many problems you will have to solve just to get through a day. These can be simple tasks like;

  • What’s best to have for a balanced breakfast?
  • When’s best to leave for work to get there on time?

However we also have to solve bigger problems like how to make a relationship work, doing your tax return and all those other big things you find out are so important when you become a responsible adult.

These skills all come from your learnt ability to solve problems. Magna tiles are an ideal and fun way for a child to learn these vital skills from a young age.

How can i build this shape? What pieces do I need to build this?

These are curious questions that can be sparked by basic interactions with magna tile sets.


Magna tiles nurtures creativity


Everyone remembers building something as kid, whether it was using lego, paper mache or any other kind of medium, you remember it right.

The sense of fun and achievement! The creative journey!

Its something thats talked about for years to come between parent and child.

This is why creativity for a child is so important. it fuels and inspires them.

Magna tile are a perfect catalyst for a childs creativity. You can build practically anything.

So in years to come you could be reminiscing with your child about that time they built that Magna tile castle or mountain and how they spent all day perfecting it.




Magna tiles require Concentration


Attention spans are shortening or so everyone says.

  • We have less time but want to do more.
  • We live in the fast lane too much.
  • We live in a desposable society.

There is a lot of truth in all these statements.

Yet we all remember as a child being so focussed on one thing, whether it was collecting something, learning something, reading a book.

We were engaged, enthralled. We learnt the ability to concentrate.

This is a skill we now use to combat our fast lives, without the ability to concentrate we would be a driverless car in the fast lane of life.

Ok slightly corny analogue but you get the point – Concentration is important!

Magna tiles by their technical nature require this level of concentration.


Magna tiles enforce Shape recognition



We take shape recognition for granted as an adult. We see something and can quicky brake down what shapes make up what we are looking at.

Where do we get that knowledge from? observation of course over time until it becomes something we dont even think about.

Magna tiles are a series of different shapes that all work together to build a structure. It is obvious to see how once a child starts building with these tiles, they will quickly learn what, say a triangle is, how it can be used. and its realtionship with another shape, and the same with all the other shapes included.

These are just some of skills that Magna tiles can used for.


Great for kids with autism


Magna tiles have proven very polular for children on the spectrum




Magna tiles for toddlers- the perfect gift


It is hard to find a bad product review for Magna tiles. Customer satisfaction seems around 95%. This fantastic borometer of opinion should help to make it easier to decide whether you want to invest in them.

Every birthday or christmas for a child is a special moment, a milstone.

Quality over quantity

Magna tiles may be more expensive than a few throw gimmickey throw away toys, but as you can see they offer invariably more value. In terms of time spent using the toy and what the child gets out of using the it.

We hope we have provided you with many reasons why magna tiles are great a toy to buy for a toddler.



A few cool designs for Magna tiles:

Heres a few great ideas for things you can make using Magna tile sets.

Although sometimes it can be fun to just copy these designs we encourage you and your child to use these as inspiration for your own ideas:

 Building a castle:

building a castle is perfect idea for a child.

These mystical buildings have inspired childrens imaginations for as long as castles have existed.

Here you can see how fun it is to build one, and how it will get your child thinking and learning all kinds of skills.


Build a cool spaceship:

ok we can all agree spaceships are cool arent they, and space is something that is going to play a big part in the future of human kind.

So why not get kids inspired by it, by actually building their own spaceship:


Build an elephant:

Want your toddlers to learn to identify an animal? what better way than for them to build one from Manga tiles.

In this video it shows you how to build an elephant. You could consider teaching the child about what the elephant might eat, where it comes from etc.

A great way to interact with your child whilst they build away.


Making a ball:

Magna tile awards:


  • Magna tiles have won a huge range of awards, giving them a further stamp of approval to their already highly praised product.
  • Parents’ Choice Recommended 2017
  • Global Educator Institute Seal of Endorsement
  • Purdue University Engineering Thinking & Design Toy Award
  • Parents’ Choice Recommended 2014
  • Tillywig Brain Child Award 2014
  • Independent Toy Awards 2014
  • Excellent Play ToyTesters.tv: Favourite Educational 2014
  • ToyTesters.tv: Most Fun 2014
  • Dad’s Choice 2014
  • Academics Choice: Brain Toy Creative Play: Teaching Resources 4 – 7 year 2014
  • Creative Play: Special Educational Needs Toy 4 – 7 years 2014
  • Astra Best Toys for Kids Winner 2009
  • Teachers’ Choice Award 2006
  • Dr. Toy
  • National Parenting Publications Award (NAPPA) 2005
  • Parents’ Choice Silver Honors Award Winner 2005
  • Parents’ Choice Gold Awards 2000
  • Parenting Magazine 1998
  • Early Childhood News 1998

As you can see quite an elustrious list of awards stretching back over 20 years. Proving the have proven the test of time.




Hopefully we have given you a thorough and insightful look into why we recommend Magna tiles for toddlers.

Feel free to leave a comment of support and encouragment or let us know what you think of the product.

If you feel we have helped you out at all we would be more than grateful if you shared this, so other poeple can be helped by our in depth look at Magna tiles.


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