Why social skills are such an important skill to learn as a child



social development in early childhood is a vital skill a child should learn.

The world operates on social interactions.


From politics to running your own business everything requires that you know how to talk and get along with other people.

Relationships whether it be friendships or finding a partner require social skills to relate to the other person.

So we can see what a vital skill it is to aquire.

Therefore when choosing toys for children to play with, its quite important to make sure you buy ones which can be used for children to play with together and interact.

Not every toy has to be obviously, but it is great for children to learn to listen to others and work alongside others, for them to learn the values of compromise and things like waiting your turn, but also the ability to express themselves and learn to be condident around others and be able to assert themselves.

These can all be fun skills to learn in the right environment.

These are some of the toys we feel are great to buy for children so they can learn those all important social skills


Gym Dandy Spinning Teeter Totter – Impact Absorbing


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This is an age old toy that children have always enjoyed. Such a simple premise yet it is a toy that requires you to work together with another person on the other end of the seesaw. It can be enjoyed but only if you learn to be play as part of a team effort.


  • Seesaw rotates 360 degrees, adding to the fun
  • Heavy duty contruction, means it is more durable
  • Powder coating prevents rusting
  • Perfect exercise for your children
  • Soft cushioned seats
  • Roller wheels under seats absorb the shock impact
  • Easy to install
  • 300 lb weight limit



Lifetime Portable Tetherball System with Extra Soft Tetherball

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Another great game that requires to 2 people to play.

Everybody has fond memories of playing this as a child and ending up in hysterics with the other person.



  • Heavy-Duty base allowes it to be used on all surfaces
  • Rust and weather resistant
  • Durable and solid design allows for heavy use
  • 5-year limited manufacturer warranty


Magna Tiles:

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Great for indoor use on rainy days or eveings. Perfect for children to work together and build things.

Magna tiles have been proven when used in groups to improce childrens abilities to social interact in order to achieve what they are their playmates want.



  • 100 piece set
  • 20 Equilateral Triangles,  4 large Squares, 50 small Squares, 15 Isosceles Triangles, 11 Right Triangles
  • Develop science, math, spatial and fine motor skills
  • Create pyramids, cubes and other geometric shapes
  • coloured magnetic shapes
  • Hard wearing
  • perect for children from 3 and up


Check out our buyers guide for Magna tiles


The Helping, Sharing, and Caring Board Game

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Awesome game for kids to learn a wide variety of social skills whilst having fun at the same time.



  • Helps children develop critical communication and social skills
  • Helps children build their self esteem
  • Ages 4-12 | 2-6 Players




Monkeys Up Family Board Game

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